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Oli Sykes, Josh Holloway, Hayden Christensen, Daniel Craig, Vin Diesel, Jensen Ackles, Sandra Bullock, Madonna, Robert Downey-jr, Heath Ledger, Misha Collins, Muse, David Tennant, Text, Stock.
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Sorry for messing up on the rules earlier! I was copying and pasting alot between communties and had just come from a community where 4 preview icons are allowed, sorry for failing D:
Anyway! Popped in to share some icons that are part of a multifandom post :3
♥ Bleach! -- 12 ♥
♥ Avatar! -- 9 ♥
♥ Video Games! -- 8 ♥
♥ Twilight! -- 42 ♥
♥ Heroes! -- 12 ♥
♥ Misc! -- 8 ♥

In case your still dubious: Preview!

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114 icons

colin farrell, robert pattinson, james mcavoy, kate winslet and leonardo di caprio at revolutionary road premiere, nicole kidman, keira knightley, scarlett johansson, disney: aladdin, hounchback of notre dame, the little mearaid, pocahontas, fox and the hound, enchanted, lion king, hercules, beauy and the beast, bambi, tarzan, mulan, dostor who, twilight, prison break, gossip girl, stock: fashion, photography, animals

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ANGEL - Faith/Wesley

42 Icons - Icontest Entries (Multi-fandom)

42 multi fandom icons - made for various icontests.

1-6 = icons for bsgstillness
7-12 = icons for karastillness
13-18 = icons for bsg_abcicons
19-21 = icons for katee_stillness
22-28 = icons for eliza_stills
29-31 = icons for btvsats_rumble
32-39 = icons for firefly_is_epic
40-42 = icons for dwo_stillness


- please credit girly_scribbles or girly_graphix
- No Hotlinking - please upload any you snag to your own server.
- Textless Icons are not bases.
- Comments/feedback are appreciated.

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beach (don't steal!)

Viggo Mortensen

01. Comments are nice. So is credit.
02. Share.
03. No hotlinking.
04. Textless icons are not bases, so no modifying.
05. Wallpapers are for desktop use ONLY, and may not be used on blogs, websites, or journals.
06. Don't post my icons on boards, forums, or Xanga.
07. Resources are here.


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