January 8th, 2009

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10 Harry Potter and Cast
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icons of actors (alexis bledel, jensen ackles, robert pattinson and more), musicians (amy winehouse, lykke li), fashion, tv shows (doctor who, skins, supernatural and more) and movies (a clockwork orange and more)

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BSG - Centurion
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The Battlestar Galactica icons are all black and white (save for one or two), I felt like doing a group of black and white icons and thought the BSG images looked good and dramatic that way. Hope you enjoy them! *If you haven't seen seasons 3 or 4 I warn you there will be SPOILERS ahead*

Twilight icons: 1-51
Battlestar Galactica icons: 52-77

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-credit bethyj_graphics if using.
-textless icons are not bases, please do not alter.
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8 ; 38 :76

ACL: everything is beautiful

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1 x Travis McCoy, Matt Bellamy, Lindsay Lohan
2 x Theo Tams, Sebastian Pigott
3 x Mitch MacDonald, Chad Doucette
4 x Earl Stevenson, Jesse Cottam
5 x Jason Castro
7 x Mookie Morris
8 x David Cook
10 x My Chemical Romance, Michael Johns
16 x Panic at the Disco
34 x Drew Wright
105 x Fall Out Boy
186 x Dominic Monaghan (includes Lost and LOTR cast members)

I can has too much free tiem?

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115 icons (+5 psds files & 12 textures)
[20] Twilight + cast
[15] Heroes
[15] Friends
[34] misc celebrities: Katy Perry, Kristen Bell, Emma Watson,  Anne Hathaway, MK&A Olsen, Milo Ventimiglia
[12] fashion
[19] stock

a lot more = HERE
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001-010 zooey deschanel
011-018 gossip girl 213
019-034 milk (movie)
035-040 michelle trachtenberg
041-051 thomas dekker
052-062 ugly betty 310

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TV :: Misfits :: Simon/Alisha Yumminess

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+NO EDITING textless icons

{006} RBD(DyC)
{008} Lily Allen
{009} Nikki Reed
{009} Kristen Stewart
{012} Robert Pattinson
{008} Twilight (cast pics including Rob/Kristen)

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this post contains icons of actors (angelina jolie, pierce brosnan, gaspard ulliel, amanda seyfried, megan fox and more), music (björk, the kills and more), movies (almost famous, the matrix, vicky cristina barcelona and more), tv series (skins, pushing daisies, gossip girl and more) and fashion.


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01-22: Pushing Daisies
23-32: The Wire
33-38: The Shield
39-41: Merlin
42-46: Sons Of Anarchy/Spaced/Homicide/Picket Fences/John Oliver
47-57: The Devil's Whore
58-69: Little Dorrit
70-72: Elizabeth
73-78: Pierrot Le Feu
79-84: The Leopard/Notorious7Hellboy II/ Godfather II

The rest can be found here