December 28th, 2008

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ICONS: Angel & Bones Quotes, Stills & Anis; BTVS; David B; G. Pigs

1. No hotlinking, please. Save them to your computer, then upload them.
2. Please credit "(icon name) by angelswilliam" in keywords. Please also put < lj user="angelswilliam" > in comments without spaces. This is especially important for the quote icons, as I did not put my watermark on them because I couldn't see how to do that without being blatantly obvious and ruining the calligraphy-on-scroll effect.
3. Please leave a comment if taking, and please let me know which ones so I know what I'm doing right. Thanks!
4. If you want text added to the textless ones, ask. Don't add it yourself. I can do pretty much any style, any size, and any color. Just tell me where and how, and I'll keep working until you're happy.
4. Please do not share these icons anywhere other than Insane Journal or LiveJournal without my consent. (NO Greatest Journal, please.)
5. If you see these shared and not credited, please let me know; but if someone is asking who made it, just tell them and don't worry about telling me. If you see them shared anywhere other than IJ or LJ, please also let me know. (This is not a witch hunt; a lot of these people got them from someone else who didn't credit me!)


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Thanks for looking!
Marion Cotillard - peacock feather

New icons.

38 icons

[1-6]  Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman.
[7-14]  Lost promo (Jack Shepherd).
[15-16]  Lost promo (Juliet Burke and Jack Shepherd).
[17-25]  Lost promo (Juliet Burke).
[26-28]   Katy Perry
[29-38]  Robert Pattinson


The rest are here @ lady_e2484 
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