December 27th, 2008

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The X FIles and Dark Angel Icons

++ 19 icons from The X Files (Dana Scully, Scully/Emily)
++ 16 icons from Dark Angel (Max Guevera, Logan Cale and Zack)

-- RULES --

they're all blanks you may customize as you wish: add text, borders, etc.

credit me for the blanks please
comments are nice

if you'd like me to add text to any of them, just let me know what and I'll get it done.


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the rest can be found under the lj-cut

for other icons please visit:


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matt bomer - holy fuck

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[1-14] 90210
[15-19] Adam Brody
[20-51] Adriana Lima
[52-65] Amanda Seyfried
[66-78] Anna Paquin
[79-99] Anne Hathaway
[100-114] Ashlee Simpson
[115-126] Austen film adaptations
[127-132] Barack Obama
[133] Ben Stiller
[134-166] Britney Spears
[167-173] Brittany Murphy


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True Blood and Generation Kill icons

+ 19 True Blood icons - misc. eps - Bill, Sookie, Eric, Pam, Tara, Jessica, Dawn
+ 33 True Blood icons with Anne Tainter captions - most characters
+ 25 Generation Kill icons - misc. eps
+ 2 Generation Kill Friends Only Banners
+ 1 Generarion Kill Header - Iceman
+ 1 Generation Kill Collage/wallpaper - Iceman

She liked imaginary men best of all


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