December 5th, 2008

Chuck, Dawson's Creek, Fringe, Sanctuary, Supernatural & More

[Icons 001-006] Sanctuary
[Icons 007-011] Fringe
[Icons 012-015] Dawson's Creek
[Icons 016-018] Chuck
[Icons 019-020] Supernatural
[Icons 021-028] Ten Inch Hero
[Icons 029-031] The Breakfast Club
[Icons 032-033] Joshua Jackson
[Icons 034-038] Stock (Stirling, Scotland & Vancouver, Canada)
[Banners 001-002] Supernatural
[Wallpapers 001-002] Sanctuary
[Wallpapers 003-004] Ten Inch Hero
[Wallpapers 005-011] Stock (Stirling, Scotland)

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Liz - white dress
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[20] Battlestar Galactica icons - Season 1
[21] Various Battlestar Galactica icons - Season 1-4.5
[13] Dr. Virginia Dixon icons - Grey's Anatomy (5x08 & 5x10)
[3] Mary McDonnell icons
[9] Jack and Juliet icons - LOST season 5 poster & promo pic



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Icons : Lee Adama (5) for leeadama_daily

Icons : Lee Adama (5) for leeadama_daily
First 5 icons of the Lee Adama Advent Calendar '08. You can open a new one, every day, at the Lee Adama Advent Calendar '08 entry.

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Please, credit some_cramping or heliotitans if taking, this way more people can find all these graphics :)
Be kind and don't modify these graphics, don't hotlink them and don't claim them as yours. Thanks.


cut/icons @ some_cramping