December 3rd, 2008

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43 icons

43 icons :

#04 Stock images
#08 Tinker bell
#07 Cakes
#03 Jack skellington
#09 Harry potter 5
#12 Text icons

01 02 03

I'm sorry but I had to close my journal, so it's friends only, to see the graphics you have to see that post > HERE

The post with the rest of the icons is here
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[01-16] Addison Montgomery(-Shepard) | Kate Walsh
[17-20] Private Practice
[21-24] TV-Icons: House md, Criminal Minds, Emergency Room
[25-38] Supernatural | Dean Winchester | Jensen Ackles
[39-46] CSI Miami
[47-54] Stella Bonasera (CSI: NY) | Melina Kanakaredes
[55-62] Bones
[63-68] Milo Ventimiglia | Peter Petrelli
[69-82] CSI, CSI: NY, CSI Miami
[83-84] Stockarts


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tv: 90210, private practice, dexter, gossip girl, house md, one tree hill, supernatural, terminator: the sarah connor chronicles, veronica mars.
movies: the hitcher, the sisterhood of the traveling pants 2.
womanizer music video.
people: britney spears, amanda seyfried, mary-kate & ashley, leighton/penn, rachel mcadams, nicole kidman, kristen bell, shenae grimes, analeigh tipton, jared/jensen, christian bale, gaspard ulliel, jake/reese.

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some icons!

Icons Include:
Ashley Tisdale
Corbin Bleu
Demi Lovato
HSM Cast
Jonas Brothers
Miley Cyrus
Selena Gomez
Taylor Swift
Vanessa Hudgens
Zac Efron

Banners Include:
Ashley Tisdale
HSM Cast
Jonas Brothers
Miley Cyrus
Zac Efron


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Ok, so my old icon journal (from a while ago..probably three years or so) was music_tome and I have some icons leftover from there. I figured I would post them on the offchance someone wants them. Enjoy!

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4 Brokeback Mountain
22 Emma Watson
19 Harry Potter
9 Liv Tyler
9 Lord of the Rings
5 Lord of the Rings Cast
9 Queer as Folk
49 Rent(Stage&Movie)