November 8th, 2008

House Icons

[14]5x06 animated icons; random scenes - NO Spoilers for this episode

A few of those were made for challenges.

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144 Icons

1-9: Christian Bale (The New World, Little Women)
10-25: LOTR (Movies and cast)
26-52: Gerard Butler (Appearances, photoshoots, Tomb Raider)
53-73: Phantom of the Opera (Movie and Stage)
74-84: Pirates Trilogy
85-93: Sleepy Hollow
94-126: Supernatural (various, and a few Jensen)
127-144: Various (Tin Man, Julianne Hough, Lucille Ball, Mummy Returns)

Resources: here

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matt bomer - holy fuck

Christian Bale icons!

Okay, I posted this in here a few days ago, but I had to delete that entry because the links and URLs got all broken and didn't lead to my comm or anything, so I'm trying this again.

[1-127] Christian Bale


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