October 31st, 2008

Birthday girl

33 Icons for your Disney lov'ng pleasure

I have been gone for about 2 years so I have many icons to shift through so keep an eye out! More to come!

Cleaning out my computer due to making room, so I am presenting part Two of an 2 part icon dump. Enjoy!

2 Goofy Movie
7 Lady and the Tramp
8 Pinnochio
6 Sleeping beauty
3 The little mermaid
33 in all

Same old rules
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[10] Code Geass
[8] Hakushaku to Yousei
[30] Kuroshitsuji
[35] Pandora Hearts
[10] Spice and Wolf
[7] Vampire Knight
[5] misc. (Millenium Snow, Nabari no Ou)
Total: 105 icons

+ 1 banner (Pandora Hearts)
+ 1 wallpaper (Pandora Hearts)

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