August 25th, 2008

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[09] Blake Lively
[06] Matthew Fox
[05] BTVS cast
[05] David Boreanaz
[05] Edward Norton
[05] Eliza Dushku
[05] Ellen Page
[05] Kathleen Robertson
[10] Shannyn Sossamon
[04] Zooey Deschanel
[04] Sophia Bush
[02] Kate Beckinsale
[07] Twilight (Bella)
[05] Garden State
[05] Joe Mauer
[14] Michael Phelps
[04] Paul-Henri Mattheu
[1] Shannyn Sossamon
[7] Alexis Bledel, Matthew Fox, Michael Phelps, Twilight


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Christian Bale *  Dan Evans B/W
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.37 icons
Christian Bale in The New World, The Dark knight | Cillian Murphy | Jurassic Park | Johnny Depp | Robert Downey jr. |
pretty Olympians (Ryan Lochte, Alex Schwarzer, Rafael Nadal, Matthew Mitcham)


110 Icons

01-45: Johnny Depp, POTC Trilogy
46-81: Gerard Butler, Phantom of the Opera (2004 & stage)
82-87: Comic Con 2008
88-91: Seth Green
92-94: Tin Man
95-97: Jennifer Aniston
98-108: Movies (Batman: TDK, Batman Logo, Brothers Grimm)
109-110: Jon Stewart, Lewis Black

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Marion Cotillard - peacock feather

Multi fandom icons post.

57 Icons 
9x Christian Bale
8x David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson
9x David Boreanaz
12x Matthew Fox
8x Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly
11x 30 Seconds to mars (Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milicevic)


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001-006: The Circuit (mostly Kid/Kylie)
007-020: Hex (mostly Cassie/Azazeal)
021-056: Instant Star (mostly Tommy/Jude)
057-058: Jared Leto
059-064: Jennifer Garner
065-091: Keira Knightley
092-113: Kristen Stewart
114-131: Michelle Trachtenberg
132-134: Moonlight (Mick/Beth promo shoot)
135-141: Pride & Prejudice
142-146: Rachel Nichols
147-148: Sophia Myles
149-150: Summer Glau
151-165: Terminator:SCC (all John/Cameron)
166-197: Twilight (all Edward/Bella)



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The OC (including the finale episode, seth/summer, ryan/marissa and Taylor), Willa Holland, Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody, Lisa Edelstein, Paula Abdul, Celine Dion, Catherine Zeta Jones, Milo Ventimiglia, Gossip Girl, Blake Lively, Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole, The Dark Knight (Joker)

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103 icons

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01-20 Drew Fuller (Ultimate gift, Over)
21-24 Rose McGowan
25-28 Rachel Weisz
29-31 Jared Leto
32-35 Keanu Reeves
36-69 Supernatural (Jensen, Jared, Lauren Cohan)
70-93 Kristen Stewart
94-103 stock (summer, colours, flowers, bird)

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