July 23rd, 2008

♦ Grey's - Addisex Working 2

no way on this way

New gifs and new icons! I can't wait for december to watch Twilight the movie^^

[3226-3261] 36 Twilight Icons
[3262-3285] 24 Jared Leto Icons
[3286-3306] 21 Josh Holloway Icons
[059-082] 24 Twilight Gifs

If you want to use something please read and apply my rules

~ comment is kind, credit to cinnamonstreet is a must - (how to)
~ do not hotlink, don't rename the files and don't claim as your own
~ textless icons are not bases. don't alter them

stock ; vintage things

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[14] Fashion
[05] Korean Art
[05] Miley Cyrus
[09] Jonas Brothers
[04] Arashi
[04] Bae Seul Gi
[03] Demi Lovato
[03] Vanessa Hudgens
[05] Big Bang
[02] Erika Toda
[04] Ai Otsuka
[03] Jeon Hye Bin
[02] Kim Ok Bin
[03] Mizushima Hiro
[04] Kim Yun Jin
[08] Twilight

HERE @ hatsukisu
ACL: everything is beautiful

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1 x Vicky T., Amberly Thiessen, Hedley, Martin Kerr
2 x Earl Stevenson
3 x Mitch MacDonald, Oliver Pigott
4 x Danny Noriega, Paul Clifford
6 x Greg Neufeld
7 x Sebastian Pigott, Adam Castelli
8 x Theo Tams
9 x Jesse Cottam, Gary Morisette
10 x Mookie Morris
14 x My Chemical Romance, Drew Wright
27 x Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy

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[24] Neon Genesis Evangelion (mainly Ritsuko and Misato)
[13] Sailor Moon
[7] Final Fantasy IV DS
[1] Final Fantasy VI
[2] Thom Yorke

[47] TOTAL
Crediting is cool but not necessary. I love comments (and today's my birthday!)


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{oc} remember those good old times?

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ashley olsen, alexis bledel, olivia wilde, mischa barton, lindsay lohan, leighton meester, katherine heigl, julia stiles, rachel mcadams, rachel bilson; pride&prejudice, the notebook, harry potter, lms, 10 things, amelie, atonement, garden state, mean girls; gilmore girls, grey's anatomy, fnl, alias, lost, gossip girl, the oc, oth...
Oilers ;; i think you're crazy

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23 - very random icons that have either been requests, for icontests or just spur of the moment icons.
Includes: Robert Downey Jr, Joker, Harry Potter, American Idol season 7, Pierre Bouvier & hockey (Wild, Gagner, Stamkos, Naslund, Malkin.)

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All over here!
Michiel Huisman - Trys

male actos: chad michael murray

It’s gettin' hot in here.

hello again!
today I made some sets for our mcleods daughters role playing game! This sets from chad michael murray were made for a new fantasy character called percey hargrove! Feel free to use them, but pls give a credit ^^ enjoy !

[01-03] chad michael murray alias percey hargrove (rpg character)


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