May 19th, 2008

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Twilight and Gossip Girl Icons

It's me, again! New icons and new FO banner, hope you like them! *hugs*

[2727-2741] 15 Twilight Saga icons (Robert Pattinson x 5, Kristen Stewart x 2, Kellan Lutz x 3)
[2742-2759] 18 Gossip Girl icons
[A-B] 2 Twilight Friends Only Banner

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Here's 35 icons from the saddest and cruelest moment ever in One Tree Hill history. May contains spoilers for 5x17. I'm not really satisfied with the colouring, but I couldn't do better. I just needed to exorcize my emotions towards Lucas.

( When love and hate collide )

• Please credit [info]miss_england_17 if taking.
• Comment, I love to know what people think of my icons. Even if it's critical.
• Enjoy!

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This entry includes:

[70] Fashion icons with Jessica Stam & Gabriel Aubrey
[71-100] Fashion icons with Scarlett Johansson & Dita Von Teese
[101-148] Cry Baby icons


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1-2 Jared Padalecki
3-5 Milo Ventimiglia
6-13 "Supernatural" ("No rest for the wicked", but NO spoilers)
14-18 Lindsay Lohan
19-22 Evangeline Lilly
23-28 "One Tree Hill" ("Hate Is Safer Than Love")

+ Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl) Episodes 1-4.


Gossip Girl x4
Milo Ventimiglia/Adrian Pasdar (Heroes)

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