May 12th, 2008

merlin: morgana is a warrior princess

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actor: audrey hepburn
actor: elizabeth taylor
movie: pride & prejudice (2005)
movie: sense & sensibility (1995)
movie: pirates of the caribbean
stock: (peonies, mushrooms, moss, buttercups)
tv: as time goes by
tv: ballykissangel
tv: cranford
tv: dr who (old and new)
tv: north & south
tv: robin hood


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Celeb --> Lady GAGA

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[1-14] Amanda Seyfried photographed as Alice in Wonderland by Mark Seliger
[15-27] Celeb: Gillian Anderson
[28-54] Tv: Xfiles (various episodes + new movie --> spoilery!)

[55-96] Stock (55-65: wings), (66-76: travelling), (77-88: Italy - Tuscany), (89-96: Italy - Venice)
[4] Italy headers


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