April 9th, 2008

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84 icons:
[STOCK] random, graffiti art, girls with gun, text, terry richardson photography, hedi slimane photography (music, models, etc).
[MUSIC] cat power, yelle, justice, flight of the conchords.
[ACTORS] gaspard ulliel, Jared Leto, viggo mortensen, robert de niro.
[ACTRESSES] ellen page, rachel bilson, mischa barton, alexis bledel, penelope cruz, juliette binoche.

more here. The post will be public as long as my bandwidth will handle it...
freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

this post i call... house-zilla! xDDD

1 wallpaper, 12 headers/banners & 75 icons total...

_18 house md icons
| cameron, chase, the ducklings & chase/cameron from ep. 1.02 | + variations
_5 house md headers/banners | house/cuddy from ep. 4.09, chase/cameron from ep. 1.02 | + variations
_3 house md cast headers/banners | jesse spencer/jennifer morrison, jesse spencer
_1 house md cast wallpaper | the whole cast (all 4 seasons)
_50 house md & cast icons | from the headers/banners & wallpaper, includes some rare pairings

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