March 30th, 2008

A Shadow of Myself

don't panic

1-2 Sophia Bush/Brooke Davis Icons
3-5 Stock Icons
6-6 Mat Kearney Icon
7-9 One Tree Hill Icons
10  Liam Neeson Icon
11-13  One Tree Hill Banners
14-16  Stock Banners
17  Supernatural Banner
18  One Tree Hill Banner
19  Mat Kearney Banner


don't panic
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001-006 : Veronica Mars
007-014 : Buffy the Vampire Slayer
015-022 : Doctor Who
023-031 : Gossip Girl
032-041 : Skins
042-052 : Movies (DK, Juno, Titanic, BaT, & Atonement)
053-067 : Emily Browning
068-081 : One Tree Hill
082-101 : Celebs (Emily Blunt, DW/TW Cast, James McAvoy, Ellen Page, etc.)
102-121 : Twilight (Emily/Gaspard, Kristen/Robert)
122-143 : TV Shows (PB, PD, House, TW, DLM, FS, Chuck, SPN, tO)
144-168 : Lost
169-197 : Gaspard Ulliel
198-275 : Stargate Atlantis
Twilight Wallpaper, Header, & Fanmix
Grunge Texture Set

here @ freak_flag_fly

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lost, ugly betty, the office, bones, dexter, friday night lights, grey's anatomy, doctor who, 30rock, harry potter, little miss sunshine, marie antoinette, rachel bilson, kristen dunst, brittany murphy, elizabeth mitchell, keri russel, ashley olsen, matthew fox, leonardo dicaprio, models, stock

more here @ enter_77
SPN: s2/ Winchesters

various icons



01-07: art
08-11: Enchanted / Disney
12-18: Mulan / Disney
19-21: Bones
22-24: Richard Armitage
25-33: Hairspray
34-52: HSM 1, HSM 2 /Disney
53-     : Nikki Blonsky + Zac Efron  

all here


Icons today... 25 Dream Street, 15 Jesse McCartney. The Jesse ones all turned out REALLY well, I think; the DS ones are a little hit-or-miss.

And I can't believe I'm asking this, but please comment if you take icons; I also love criticism (and compliments if you like them).  I'm more inclined to update if I feel like people care.


Under the fake cut!

Boromir 8

Batch #3 ~ Boromir for 100lotricons

Batch: #3 51-75 all Artist Choice
Additonal Notes: Icon table by deanandsam
Resources and Credits here . Textless icons are not bases. If taking please comment and credit jack4will_icons or jack4will. If you want an icon with text please ask me. Do not hotlink.

53 61 65

[from extended version]
Faramir: Good Speech. Nice and short. Boromir: Leaves more time for drinking!