March 29th, 2008

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MultiFandom Icons


(**) One Tree Hill
(**) One Tree Hill Cast
(**) THE O.C
(**) Desperate Housewives
(**) Nip/Tuck
(**) Alyssa Milano
(**) Holly Marie Combs
(**) Rachel Bilson
(**) Danneel Harris
(**) Jensen Ackles
(**) Mischa Barton
(**) Nicole Richie
(**) Sarah Michelle Gellar
(**) Julian McMahon
(**) Sophia Bush



into Jesus

SG-1, Mainly Season 6, ST: TNG Season 2, ST: TOS

I just made a huge update on my graphics comm. I broke the posts up by episode; some episodes into mulitple posts, roughly 160 icons apiece. Links to each post are under the LJ cut below. Usually I make link tables with teasers of each episode when I do an update this large, but I've decided that link tables for icon posts take too long given current time constraints. I might start doing them again this summer. Apologies to anyone who isn't familiar with the ep names. It's the only practical way I can think of. X-posted various places.

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Johnny Depp
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127 Multifandom Icons

1-47: Star Wars Saga
48-118: Phantom of the Opera (2005)
119-126: Pirates of the Caribbean

~ NO stealing or hotlinking!
~ Please comment for purposes to help me with iconing and also tell which ones you are taking
~ Textless icons are NOT bases
~ Please credit to leia06 or leia06graphixs


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