March 16th, 2008

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10 things i hate about you, almost famous, the bourne ultimatum, down with love, lords of dogtown, lost in translation, potc 2.

al pacino, marion cotillard, gossip girl boys.


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Telly (Black Books, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Skins, Torchwood (Spoilers for episode 9) and Veronica Mars)
Comics (Justice League and Lenore)
Celebs (Gaspard Ulliel and Kristen Bell)
Movies (Clueless, The Other Boleyn Girl, Pride and Prejudice, Becoming Jane, The Last King of Scotland, Death at a Funeral and Shaun of the Dead)

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03. Zooey Deschanel
08. Cristiano Ronaldo
10. David Beckham
25. Garbage
08. Ryan Gosling
04. Trent Reznor (Closer music video)
03. Radiohead
14. Sarah Polley (5 Dawn of the Dead - 9 My Life Without Me)
18. Supernatural
07. Gwen Stefani (What you waiting for music video)


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Multi-Fandom Post

[001-030] Alicia Keys/Smoking Aces
[031-040] Amy Whinehouse
[041-076] Christina Aguilera
[077-110] Gossip Girl
[111-124] House

[125-134] Stock: Masquerade
[135-149] Nicole Richie
[150-157] Rachel Bilson
[158-187] Scarlett Johansson

[188-203] Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes)
[204-217] Ziyi Zhang


[218-219] Alicia Keys/Smoking Aces
[220-223] Christina Aguilera
[224] Gossip Girl
[225] Scarlett Johansson


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