March 14th, 2008

BSG - Starbuck
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Welcome to my first BSG graphic post! I have no idea why I had yet to make any Galactica related graphics, I adore this show. When I realized how close season four was and that I had no icons for the show I set out to make a couple for myself to use. I wound up making quite a few more than I had intended to so here they are!

CONTENTS: 50 Battlestar Galactica icons.
Though many of them are variations.

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01 30 41

( 50 BSG ICONS )
{HP} Lupin/Tonks :(

Icons + Lovebars

[1-8] Lost 406
[9-12] Elliot/Olivia (SVU)
[13-19] MC Escher art
[20-25] Sarah Wayne Callies
[26-40] Stock
[+ 4 Lovebars] Jacket (Lost), EO (SVU), Sam/Jack (SG1), Sarah Wayne Callies


The rest HERE @ my journal!
RIP Heath

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[01-08] Orlando Bloom
[09-13] Johnny Depp
[14-16] Milo Ventimiglia
[17-23] Liv Tyler
[24-28] Nicole Kidman & Moulin rouge
[29-42] Music
[43-53] Stock 
[54-60] Csi
[61-81] Grey's Anatomy
[82-101] Lost

Preview :


for the rest visit here
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[1-8] sophia bush;
[9-16] leighton meester
[17-22] heroes cast;
[23-26] eric bana
[27-32] lost (sawyer&kate)
[33-46] one tree hill;
[47-57] torchwood;
[58-63] eternal sunshine of the spotless mind;
[64-66] the other boleyn girl;
[67] troy

you can find them here @ foreveryourssss