March 9th, 2008

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Alright, so i kind of cheated a little for my final post. I ran out of screencaps and decided to do some text icons in order to fill out my post. So, under the cut you will find: 

27) Who's line image icons (reposts, series three and blooper reel) 
16) Ryan Stiles quotes
19) Colin Mochrie quotes
10) Drew Carey quotes
10) greg Proops quotes
5) Brad Sherwood quotes
4) Wayne Brady quotes
3) Chip Esten quotes
3) Jeff Davis quotes
3) Robin Williams quotes



the rest are HERE at 



Heroes// Zachary - goofy

100 Random Icons

This was a challenge that funsized and I did together and she picked 50 images and so did I very random so :D

15 Zachary Quinto
10 Justin Chambers
10 David Beckham
10 David Boreanaz
10 Blake Lewis
5 Jake Gyllenhaal
5 Katherine Hiegl
5 Kristen Stewart
5 Ellen Page
5 Kristen Bell
5 Jared Padalecki
5 Milo Ventimiglia
5 John Krasinski
5 Random Models