March 8th, 2008


I just made these icons because I was bored. Am quite new at these too. :)

Oh, I do take requests so if you have any,
* do comment and tell me who you want
* I will add some texts for you.
* If you don't want any texts, please let me know.
* If you want any words of your own, do let me know!
* Tell me specifically what you are looking for to avoid any misunderstanding

Icons include:
- Sylar/Zachary Quinto
- Hiro Nakamura
- Gerard Way
- Frank Iero
- Chris #2
- Alicia Simmons

Here are some previews:

One Tree Hill

(no subject)

Hey guys!!
I changed my layout. This one is featuring the lovely Brittany Murphy. I hope you like it.

speeding_icons   • speeding_icons   • speeding_icons  

And I've made new arts:

80 Icons
01-21 Brittany Murphy
22-31 Vanessa Hudgens
32-50 Ashley Tisdale
51-65 Josh Hartnett / Lucky # Slevin
66-72 Ryan Gosling
73-80 misc celebs

01-03 Brittany Murphy
04-05 Josh Hartnett

01 Ryan Gosling
02 Sweeney Todd

*Please comment and credit to speeding_icons   or fannie85  
*Don`t hotlink, please save in your own server.
*Textless icons are not bases.
Celeb --> Lady GAGA


[1-8] Fashion by Marcin Tyszka
[9-18] Lily Cole
[19-25] Fashion: contest entries
[26-45] Celebs: Emily Browning, Gaspard Ulliel, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Alba
[46-86] Stock --> (46-54: Italy), (55-62: taking pics), (63-66: computers), (67-68: Florence), (69-71: Australia), (72: Barcelona), (73-86: Paris)


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