March 2nd, 2008

Who's line is it anyway, Series 3, part one

 Lots of Greg (of course, its me!), lots of Colin (im reall really warming to him, lots of Ryan (just coz its Ryan) and lots of Wayne (coz he makes me want to do naughty things). But theres some kathy, jeff, chip and brad too. And like i said, this is just the first installment. Comments are heaven, credit to redrockfairy and spread the who's line love xxxxx 


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Christian Bale *  Dan Evans B/W

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001-008 Sean Penn
009-017 Robert De Niro (The Deer Hunter and Taxi Driver)
018-023 Taxi driver quotes
024-027 Al Pacino in Scarface
028-037 Scarface quotes
038-044 Al Pacino
045-050 Javier Bardem
051-075 Lost, 4x05 The constant

 taxi6.png constant25.png

downey jr.

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[1-7] kristen stewart;
[8-14] blake lively;
[15-23] ellen page;
[24-29] john borrowman;
[30-33] crossover: Torchwood/ Heroes (Jack/ Elle);
[34-41] Torchwood s2;
[42-50] Doctor Who s2;
[51-57] Lost 4.05;
[58-68] oscar 2008

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DD - DareDevil 01

Moonlight, BtVS, Gerard Butler

+ 25 Stock Photography Icons - Ireland and Kitties
+ 25 Moonlight Icons - Random
+ 7 Gerard Butler
+ 23 Icontest Icons - 6 BtVS, 14 Gerard Butler(kissing theme), 3 Moonlight
+ Gerard Butler - 1 header and 1 FO banner
+ Mick St. John - 1 header and 2 banners
+ Stock Photography - 2 headers and 1 FO banner

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Who's line iconage part 2

 Alright, im back with my second installment!!!!!!!  I hope you all find something to suit you, theres a lot of the usual, greg, ryan, wayne, colin as well as kathy, chip and brad. There is mild sexual references (coz i had to dip into the blooper reel for more caps!). So be warned, let me know which ones you take and credit to redrockfairy. Love you lots like vodka shots!!! xx 


the rest are HERE at my lj