December 15th, 2007

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I chose Ryan Atwood over at

Here are icons of the first four episodes!!

I wanted to do a small batch to start off with and then the other batches will be larger! :] I have tried to make each one different in it's own way, hope it shows! I always like to try out new things, so hope that has shone through on this batch!


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credit aejdude . (how?)
comment.hotlink. alter.
textless icons NOT bases.
If taking any comment and say which ones! Thanks. =)

To see all 12 join here!!
Red Riding Hood

Icons : BSG Lee Adama Advent Calendar icons

Lee Adama Advent Calendar icons (5) made for the community leeadama_daily (A Lee Adama Daily community) and its Advent Calendar for December '07.

Comments are lovely.
Please, credit this way: made by heliotitans @ leeadama_daily if taking, this way more people can find all these graphics :)
Be kind and don't modify these graphics, don't hotlink them and don't claim them as yours. Thanks.



And if you like to make icons, we're running right now a christmas icon challenge too.
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01 - 04 Pushing Daisies promotional pictures
05 - 06 Pushing Daisies TV Guide
07 - 26 Pushing Daisies 1x09 Bittersweets
27 - 86 Bones - various episodes from season 3
87 - 87 Ok Go on treadmills
89 - 89 Pushing Daisies
Userinfo banners
90 - 91 Pushing Daisies
92 - 93 Heroes
94 - 95 Supernatural
96 - 96 Bones
97 - 99 Grey's Anatomy
100 - 103 Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, Alias, House
104 - 109 Garbage, Tegan&Sara, Across The Universe, Avril Lavigne, Lily Allen, Ok Go

here @ keepontrying_dg
Loki up close

106 Icons (RE3, I am Legend, and Angel)

I was playing around with colors and finally figured out how to get a blueish color i love :) using photoshop elements 3.0

Comment/Credit if you snag thankies :)
Resources on User info page
Blanks are not bases

26 Resident Evil 3 (mainly Alice/Carlos)
20 I am Legend (not many spoilers unless you haven't seen the trailers or promos)
60 Angel season 1 (up to Hero)


shine a light in the darkness

enjoy :)