November 25th, 2007

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[15] Friday Night Lights ( I think it was episode 1x14)
[23] Harry Potter (all from OOTP)
[22] Supernatural (1x16)
[25] Stock:Winter
[24] Veronica Mars (season 3 blooper)


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Multi fandom Icons

78 icons 
12x Sarah Michelle Gellar 
10x David Boreanaz
12x Matthew Fox
11x Elizabeth Mitchell
33x 30 Seconds to mars (including - 8x Jared Leto, 8x Shannon Leto, 7x Tomo Milicevic and 4x Matt Wachter)

*If taking any Icons please credit.
*Original images are not owned by me.
*All textures and brushes made by Reyesphile, Haudvrafra, Moonball, Offbeat Upbeat, CDG and Chaoticfae.


Follow the fake cut peeps.  
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109 CSI icons [You Kill Me]
[1-4] Archie
[5-7] Bobby D.
[8-10] Brass
[11-14] Cath
[15-16] SuperDave
[17-21] Greg
[22-23] Gris
[24-28] Henry
[29-57] Hodges
[58-62] Mandy
[63-65] Nick
[66-80] Mandy
[81-109] Random group, object, and animated (includes Wendy/Hodges, Warrick/Nick)


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twin peaks - happy laura

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1-10 "One Tree Hill" Brooke & Peyton
11-20 Sophia Bush

2 BTVS Manipulations
1 Grindhouse - Planet Terror
1 Lord of the Rings
1 Elisha Cuthbert
1 Kiera Knightley

All icons are sharable.
Textless icons are not bases.
Wallpapers are for personal use only, please.
Do not edit any of these graphics.
Please comment; comments make me happy!
More graphics and credits are available at


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001-005: Patrick Wolf
006-008: Emily Blunt
009-015: Eva Green
016-021: Gaspard Ulliel
022-041: Eddie Redmayne
042-052: Mathias Lauridsen
052-097: Fashion
098-136: Robin Hood (BBC)
137-147: Misc. Actors/Actresses/Films (and Dita Von Teese)

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