November 3rd, 2007


 1-19 mka
20-21 kate walsh
22-22 model
23-25 mena suvari
26-29 scarlett johansson
30-45 kristen bell
46-47 jessica alba
48-54 sarah roemer (girl from "disturbia")
55-71 movie: disturbia
72-75 brad pitt
76-88 rachel bilson

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buffy; death of a mother

92 icons - fashion models, scrubs, arrested development, harry potter, gilmore girls

{b} comment if you save.
{c} do NOT hotlink.
{d} CREDIT sevendais if you use.
{e} textless icons are NOT, in any way, shape or form bases.
{f} understand that I work hard on these graphics. I've been stolen from before, and it made me feel icky. And I'll hunt you down and probably kill you.

20 fashion model icons
40 Scrubs icons
20 Arrested Development icons
10 Harry Potter icons
02 Animated icons (gilmore girls and clouds)

1 2 3

here at carbonatedicons
[sujus] leeteuk


[X] Not Hotlinking and Don't Edit icons/banners
[X] feedback & credit is love
[X] Texless icons/banners are NOT bases
[X] Take and enjoy :}



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