October 31st, 2007

Chris and Kermit

107 new Hercules: The Legendary Journeys icons - feat. Hercules, Iolaus and the Widow Twanky.

These are the first icons I've made in aaaaages, and I've gone and made one hundred and seven Hercules: The Legendary Journeys icons in less than twenty-four hours! o.O

As a gift to angela_iz_here for always being there to listen to me whinge, bitch, complain and so forth (in all seriousness, hun, you really are a darling!), and squeeing with me over the Twanky episodes - I come baring 100x100 icons/avatars.

In this post:
7x Iolaus.
8x Hercules.
15x Hercules and Iolaus.
12x the Widow Twanky in ...And Fancy Free.
20x Hercules and the Window Twanky, from the episode ...And Fancy Free (4x08).
40x the Widow Twanky in Greece is Burning.
5x Hercules and the Widow Twanky from Greece is Burning (5x15).

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See them all HERE.

As always, feedback and comments are very much appreciated! Credit goes to moi - nova_mist. Thanks!

Stargate Atlantis - Sparky ???

SGA S4 Icons

(54) - Stargate Atlantis *Spoiers for Season 4 Episodes* (8 Ronon/Aiden, 2 Aiden/Teyla, 3 Sam(Amanda)/Rodney(David), 2 David Hewlett, 5 Elizabeth, 1 Sam/Elizabeth, 7 Rachel Luttrell, 2 Joe Flannigan, 3 Rodney/Jennifer, 1 Rodney/Jennifer/Katie, 1 Sheppard/Weir, 1 Robert Picardo, 2 Rodney/Katie, 2 Ronon/Jennifer, 2 !EvilJohn, 4 Teyla/Kate, 2 Lorne, 1 !EvilJohn/John, 1 !EvilJohn/Rodney, 1 Kate Heightmeyer, 1 Samantha Carter)


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!EvilJohn = ♥
[♬] like an avalanche ;; british india

102 icons

12 ASHLEY TISDALE (+1 banner)
05 EMILIE DE RAVIN (+2 banners)
09 FALL OUT BOY (+2 banners)
08 JENNIFER MORRISON (+2 banners)
30 KRISTEN BELL (+3 banners)
08 REESE WITHERSPOON (+3 banners)
12 ZOOEY DESCHANEL (+3 banners)


H E R E & hidden_inmyhead
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1-20 One Tree Hill
21-65 Gilmore girls
66-75 Stock inculding Halloween

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Light on a road (детство)
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Stargate: Atlantis - 28 icons.
8 - animated. 2 are from episode 4x05. Others are from 1.01-1.08 (I think. I just started watching them. hehe).


{all of them}
btvs; spuffy; eternal

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"New" icons!

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36 BtVS (misc seasons)
24 Bob Dylan
12 David Bowie
20 George Harrison
19 Gary Oldman
06 Al Pacino
04 Natalie Portman
03 Lou Reed
04 James Franco

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