October 27th, 2007

e/o dance by record_and_play


[1-13] Hayden Panettiere[14-40] Heroes (random, mostly Claire and/or Zach)[41-49] Joseph Gordon-Levitt[50-57] Wonderfalls (random)[58-86] BrickTeasers:  

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HERE @ Seduce A Stranger.
[daisies] rooftop cafe

K.Bell Icons

[22] Christian Louboutin Cocktail Party (with Hayden Panettiere and Rachel Bilson)
[04] Monique Lhuillier Store Opening

[06] Elle Magazine's 14TH Annual Women in Hollywood Event (with Ali Larter)
[05] Elie Tahari Boutique Opening
[02] 2007 Scream Awards (with Zachary Quinto)
Elevate Hope Foundation's Bowling For The Arts (with Hayden Panettiere)
Frederick's of Hollywood Fashion Show
[16] Spin Magazine

(Fake Cut)
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