October 20th, 2007

T / doctor who / heart of the tardis

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9 naomi watts
2 gael garcia bernal
10 zac efron
5 marilyn monroe
7 brittany murphy
5 leonardo dicaprio in reservation road
19 scarlett johansson in the black dahlia
41 the west wing

= 98 total.


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Today we have:


#5 Christina Aguilera Candyman video
#5 Hepsi
#2 Heroes
#3 Lee Seung Chul
#7 Elizabeth: The Golden Age trailer
#15 Sweeney Todd trailer
#19 The Golden Compass Trailer


#1 Cate Blanchett
#2 Sweeney Todd trailer


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100 Stock & Multifandom Icons (Buffy, Pushing Daisies, Robin Hood, Stargate, Supernatural, etc.)

[001-015] Pushing Daisies ("Pie-Lette")
[016-020] Pushing Daisies ("Dummy")
[021-040] Buffy the Vampire Slayer ("Once More With Feeling")
[041-055] Stargate Atlantis ("Lifeline")
[056-065] Supernatural ("Bad Day At Black Rock")
[066-080] Robin Hood Season 1
[081-090] Stardust Movie (2007)
[091-100] Stock (Autumn & Halloween)

+2 Headers/Banners (Supernatural)
+5 Wallpapers (Robin Hood & Stargate Atlantis)

More here @ illusionsplay

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My First huge fanart on here, Ohh... It's my first time on Fandom_icons. Sooo Don't bite. =P

[5] Sim Wilson.
[8] CSI 8X04(Spoiler)
[6] Sylar
[6] House M.D (Spoiler)
[5] Sara Sidle


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Light on a road (детство)
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Harry Potter

I'm sure you all know about certain gay character in HP books by now.
It's lovely and all, but a bit annoying (I've read about it everywhere!! And I mean everywhere!)
So I made these icons. I hope you'll like them :)

Oh, and spoilers ahead. Of Book 7. Just so you know.

{all of them}