October 17th, 2007

Icons and banners

[001-035]Gaspard Ulliel/Emily Browning/Twilight
[049-064]Sweeney Todd
[065-098]Halloween/Horror movies mix
[099-160]House M.D(4X03)+Jennifer Morrison
[+1]Twilight Banner
[+4]Sweeney Todd banners
[+2]Jennifer Morrison


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Hey guys! Everyone having fun I hope.

I’ve given everyone the ability to make their own tags to an entry. Sure this might open up a can of worms but I trust you guys to be responsible with it. One little rule. DO NOT use/create stock tags. I’m sorry but stock icons just don’t belong here. This is a fandom only community. A tag with just “icon” is pretty silly too. Since this is an icon only community.

Also please try to not format the text on your posts. This community has over 2000 members. Each with their own shiny layout. When you change the font color or make the text look wonky, it’s not going to look the same on everyone’s layout/browser. Huge pink text viewed in a pink layout is going to look unreadable same with black text.

Please only post three icon teasers. It's getting to the point where we just might delete those posts that have more than three.

Any other rules you guys would like to see? Anything people do when they post that just upsets the hell out of you? Let me know.
true blood # eric's eyes

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01 - 06 - ashley tisdale and/or vannessa hudgens
07 - 12 - gossip girl
13 - 20 - heroes (+cast)
20 - 40 - requests (all sharable) >> one tree hill, friday night lights, nora zehetner, dawson's creek gosspi girl (possible spoilers for GG - stills from future epi > those are last four so you can skipp them)

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everything's here @ stairstothesky
Birthday Eve

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[001-016] Harry Potter quotes
[017-044] Gossip Girl
[045-056] Bow Wow

[057-068] Galaxy Angel
[069-076] Maburaho

[077-096] 東方神起 / Dong Bang Shin Ki
[097-148] NEWS
[149-172] 花ざかりの君たちへ~イケメン♂パラダイス~ / Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~Ikemen Paradise~
[173-200] 田中れいな / Reina Tanaka
[201-224] 亀井絵里 / Eri Kamei
[225-248] 道重さゆみ / Sayumi Michishige
[249-260] 平野綾 / Aya Hirano
[261-272] 浜崎あゆみ / Ayumi Hamasaki
[273-300] 倖田來未 / Kumi Koda
[301-308] 宇多田ヒカル / Hikaru Utada
[309-324] 鈴木えみ / Emi Suzuki

東方神起 / Dong Bang Shin Ki x 1

Graphic Crack This Way!
WARNING: Some...questionable material under the cut. YOU ARE WARNED!
+ Comments are nice, even if you ain't taking anything. But be nice--I'm still a n00b. :]
+ Credit me when using, please! Taking someone's icons and not crediting them is just. plain. RUDE.
+ Friending is even nicer. ^_^
+ DO NOT USE THESE ON MYSPACE. Seriously. Don't. Don't put them in your profile, in your userpics, ANYWHERE. Otherwise I will take a stiletto and drive it through your heart. Well, OK, maybe not, but still.
+ Do not claim as yours. Do not hotlink. Those things make the little man in my head REALLY upset. Yeah, I have a little man in my head. Don't you?
+ Textless icons are NOT bases. So there.
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Hocus Pocus: 52 icons
Ugly Betty: 8 icons
Girls Next Door: 8 icons
Gilmore Girls: 8 icons
Friends: 11 icons
Christina Aguilera: 20 icons, 5 headers
Hilary Duff: 22 icons
Lindsay Lohan: 8 icons
Paris Hilton: 6 icons
Scarlett Johansson: 8 icons

+ Credit to imamonsterr or socialxscene is required.
+ Upload to your own server!

35) 82) 98)

for these & more, join socialxscene (must join to see graphics); currently looking for new makers here!
♦ Grey's - Addisex Working 2


After a tutorial and a icontest community, here i am with another really reach stock icons post!
I hope you like it :)

[1959-1964] 06 Food icons
[1965-1974] 10 Black and White icons
[1977-1988] 12 Landscape icons
[1989-2003] 15 Couture icons
[2004-2009] 06 Kristen Bell icons
[2010-2018] 09 Sea Horse icons
[2019-2024] 06 F1 icons

If you want to use something please read and apply my rules

spn-dean/sam goofy faces

(no subject)

I took this idea from ownthesunshine

For this we chose each 7 pictures of Dan, 7 pictures of Serena and 7 pictures of the two of them together for a total of 21 each. Then she cropped those 21 pics for me to make icons out of them, and I cropped them for her.
The "battle" is to work with pictures you haven't cropped yourself, which has been tough, really really tough.
It's very interesting to see what can be made of a picture, since we have very different styles.
My icons are on the left, jraec89's are on the right.


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icons are here in liesofmidnight my graphics community!