September 22nd, 2007

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1-6: Jake Gyllenhaal
7-20: Keira Knightley
21-24: James McAvoy
25-36: Milo Ventimiglia
37-40: Shia Labeouf
41-45: The O.C.
46-66: Wentworth Miller / Prison Break 3x01 "Orientacion"


1 Jake Gyllenhaal
2 Keira Knightley
1 James McAvoy
3 The O.C.
3 Prison Break 3x01 "Orientacion"


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Old fashioned movies

63 Icons

63 Icons
1-2: NANA
3: Emilie Autumn
4-8: Gazette
9-11: Taryn Manning
12-23: Hilary Duff
24: Final Fantasy
25-26: SID (Aki)
27-29: Alessandra Ambrosio
30-32: Adriana Lima
33-35: Amber Tamblyn
36-38: Marie Antionette
39-41: Rose McGowan
42-45: Kate Bosworth
46-53: Christina Ricci
54-55: Hanazakari no Kimitachi e~
56-60: Brittany Murphy
61: W-inds
62: Jun Matsumoto
63: Maki Horikita

1 2 3

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peace love taylor

105 icons

 01-03: Ashley Tisdale & Monique Coleman
04-20: Ashley Tisdale
21-33: Monique Coleman
34-44: Michelle Rodriguez
45-56: Vanessa Anne Hudgens
57-66: Zac Efron
67-77: Nikki Blonsky & Zac Efron
78-105: X!NK

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ACL: everything is beautiful

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1 x JC Chasez, Billy Klippert, Homestar Runner, Theresa Sokryka, Tyler Mullendore, Eva Avila
2 x Ryan Ross, Kaleb Simmonds
3 x Melissa O'Neil
4 x misc humor
6 x Kalan Porter
7 x Green Day
8 x Montana Martin Iles
10 x My Chemical Romance
12 x Fall Out Boy
13 x Liam Styles Chang
28 x Hedley
35 x icon-sized LJ V-Gifts
48 x Brian Melo
83 x icon-sized macros from

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mad men; betty

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[001-012]Katherine Heigl (with TR Knight),
[013-021]Jennifer Aniston
[022]Courteney Cox Arquette

[023-037]friends (3x03 tow mr heckles dies)
[038-039]dawson's creek (pj, dj)
[040042-]grey's anatomy (izzie)
[043-044]oc (summer, taylor)


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Stock: come fly with me

"idk, my bff Photoshop"

Okay, so you know the AT&T/Cingular commercials where the person is talking in texting language? One of the things she/he says is "idk, my bff *insert name*"

[83] "idk" themed icons
(Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twilight and Supernatural fandoms)