July 26th, 2007

(misc) pooh

Harry Potter

[01-10] different cast
[11-13] Ron/Hermione (a little spoilery for DH!!!)
[14-15] Harry/Ginny (also a little spoilery!!!! - credit due to crazy_squirtle for this absolutely beautiful amazing art!!!!!)
[16-39] DH quotes (well of course they should be also spoilery!^^ Actually I really didn't want to do so many quote icons but there have been just so many great quotes I couldn't resist!)

[01-03] Harry/Ginny (not spoilery only for HBP)
[04-06] Ron/Hermione (a little spoilery again *lol*)

Teasers (spoilerfree of course^^):

find them all here at astudyinpanic