July 19th, 2007

chino wails in socks

The One Person

[01-26] Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip ("What Kind of Day Has It Been")
[27-44] CSI ("Kiss Kiss Bye Bye") 


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Zero/Yuki:The Forbidden Love

Harry Potter bunch:35 icons + 4 banners

I don't want it to be end!!*scream*
I'm listening to two songs, one is the Coldplay's "The Scientist", and the another one is Avril Lavigne's "When You're Gone"......this two songs can descript my sad mood right now.*cry*
Hope J.K.R can give our beloved r/hr a happy ending.......or.......I will die for heart broken>___<

content list:
[01-07] Emma
[08-14] Rupert
[15-21] rupert/emma
[22-23] Emma and Katie
[24-26] Rupert and Dan
[27-28] trio:cast
[29-35] mione, won-wpn, harry, r/hr, trio
[banner] Rupert, Emma, rupert/emma, trio:cast

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no, no ,no, I refuse to believe the ending day is coming soon
Birthday Eve

130 Icons!

[020] Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
[010] Crystal Kay
[010] Brooke Valentine
[020] An Cafe
[010] Rihanna
[050] NEWS
[010] Homestar Runner and Friends
=130 ICONS

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