July 12th, 2007

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The following are a bunch of icons from one of my favorite Buffy episodes, "Checkpoint". There are only a few textured ones because I have only recently become comfortable with them, so check back in the future for more.

All icons are sharable.
Textless icons are not bases.
Do not edit any of these graphics.
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More icons and credits are available at www.ladymanson.com


Willow's a demon?!

glamorous ▩ billie piper

44 Multi-fandom icons

I had to make Avatar icons after I saw this article about season three. OMG AANG HAS HAIR!!! Just had to let that out.

1 - 20 Avatar: The Last Airbender; mainly from the end of season two, caps from Avatar Spirit
21 - 31 Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones caps from dj_capslock
32 - 38 Misc. From Psych
39 - 44 I Harth Darth; Art by the wonderful iharthdarth


Find the rest right over here.
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OotP, Gaspard Ulliel

Some icons from the pics for the OotP London Photocall. I warn you now, I ♥ Rupert Grint and the idea of Ron/Luna and Ron/Hermione. Also a few Gaspard Ulliel icons and some Gaspard as Edward Cullen from Twilight.


See the rest HERE at my lj adair7