July 9th, 2007

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I may be the only person in the entire world who watches this show, but here are some icons of the BBC sitcom As Time Goes By, starring Judi Dench and Geoffry Palmer.
These are from the first three epidodes of season 1.


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31 Transformers Icons

Yesterday, I watched the Transformers movie. Now technically, Transformers (the original cartoon) was before my time, but having a brother born in '75 and a sister born in '77 has given me HUGE influence. They grew up on it and made sure that I did too instead of the newer (unfortunate) crap on TV. XD

So... BAM.

31 ICONS - TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE --- .5% spoilery at most

DW - World lights up (Rose)

50 icons

~ 17 Farscape
        ~ 1 header (2 variations)
~ 20 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest & At World's End *Spoilers*
        ~ 2 headers (2 variations on each)
        ~ 1 wallpaper from DMC
~ 13 Douglas Sills/The Scarlet Pimpernel (2 animated)

50 Total icons


1.    2.    3.  

All can be found here, at my creative journal brilliantlunacy

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[1-3] Ashlee Simpson
[4-9] Avril Lavigne
[10-11] Fergie
[12-13] Gwen Stefani
[14-16] Rihanna

[1] Fergie


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HP - Trio.end

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[1-42] Lord of the Rings trilogy
[43-75] Doctor Who


Link to icons @ dreamerland.

Stargate SG-1 Farewell icons -

These are all from the pictures in the farewell on Gateworld. I know not everybody will want to see these, so I'm putting them separate from my other post. I know I cried when I read the tribute thing, but for those of you who don't still burst into tears at the mention of Stargate's ending...well, here they are.


Link to icons @ dreamerland.

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Sophia Bush (The Hitcher, events, candids...) 1-17
The Bourne Ultimatum (with some new stills) 18-27
Dexter (caps from the first two episodes and some stills) 28-44
Mary Elizabeth Winstead (on Grindhouse) - 45-54