July 8th, 2007

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A very small icon post. I am not very impressed with it....I kinda feel like my graphics are dropping off. I will post a bigger icon and hopefully more impressive post soon after we get more pics of the trio tommorow and i am official free from work.

Harry Potter Trio
Clemence Posey


more here
Always bring an axe

40 Icons

1 Battlestar Galactica
3 Heroes
5 Firefly actors (Baldwin/Fillion)
1 Dresden Files
13 Doctor Who (12 The Sound of Drums) (1 Rose)
12 Doctor Who Cast (Promo pics, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Billie Piper)
1 Classic Doctor Who
2 Stargate SG-1 Cast (Amanda Tapping, Richard Dean Anderson)
1 Stargate Atlantis
1 Beyond Borders


The rest can be found over here at mocha_stars

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[5] text
[5] Children of Men
[3] various Adam Sandler movies
[2] POTC
[2] Blades of Glory
[3] Beauty & the Beast
[2] Helena music video
[1] Miss Saigon
[4] Megatokyo
[4] Penny Arcade
[7] Lupin III
[3] Pokemon
[1] Samurai Jack
[1] Garfield
[2] Jet Set Radio
[1] Beetlejuice
[16] random
[1] Harry Potter: OotP [quote]


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Being Erica - Erica looking back

And more icons from me!! :)

I present 136(!!) still icons and 3 animated Doctor Who ones...

[60] Any Dream Will Do (including Josh Groban and John Barrowman)
[50] Doctor Who (from Last of the Timelords)
[15] Josh Groban
[6] Monkey Island (yes I mean the 1990's computer game! I'm weird I know! *lol*)
[5] Blackpool


[3] Animated Doctor Who


Preview 1 Preview 2 Preview 3

(Follow me to the rest of the icons!!)
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TV, Actors, Musician/Bands

[20] Actors
[5] Jared Padalecki
[5] Jeffrey Dean Morgan
[3] James Spader
[2] Jensen Ackles
[2] Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
[1] Terry O'Quinn
[1] Robert Sean Leonard
[1] James Dean

[10] Heroes (incl. Shipper-Icons)
[10] Supernatural (-related)
[10] Boston Legal
[8] Prison Break
[6] House: House/Wilson
[5] Musicians/Bands (Runrig, B. Springsteen, In Extremo, Schandmaul)

[1] James Dean

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