June 29th, 2007

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{45} One Tree Hill-4x21-All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
{9} Harry Potter-Order of the Phoenix (Spoilers if you don't want to see caps from the movie)

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Multi-Fandom Icon Post (My First!)

  'Ello, Luvs!
Okay, so this is my very first attempt at posting to a community (please be gentle!). I'm honestly completely clueless as to how exactly to go about this, so I'm gonna do my best and if I do something wrong, please let me know and I'll fix it as right-away as I can!
I'm told there should be three "teasers" and then the rest under a cut, so that is what you will find now.


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These have all been reduced about 60%-75% in number.  I was having a really rough day yesterday, and when I read some of the comments... well, to be honest, I actually cried. After having read so many (and pretty much exclusively) upbuilding and encouraging comments on the other posts, I really wasn't expecting such a  -harsh?- reaction. This is something I do for fun, it relaxes me and sorta gives my brain a break from life. Obviously, sharing wasn't a great idea, but I'm not gonna go all pouty and 'take my toys and go home' in some childish fit. Don't get me wrong, yesterday I really wanted to do just that, but I'm glad I waited until today to do anything. New days bring new perspective, I suppose. I hope the edit to this post makes it easier on your computers, and that with the fewer number of icons there will be a subsiquent lessening of, um, suck. 
I do want to thank those who took the time to give some helpful hints and suggestions to this newbie. 
I think this must be why people don't put their experiements on exhibition in its early stages... the crushing blow to their ego would keep them from ever doing anything agian! Just think- if Edison would have gone public in the elementary stages of invention, we may all be blogging by candlelight! ;P  (that was a joke, people.)


PS: Icon table generator by  77words         


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[001 - 002] courteney cox arquette
[003 - 011] jennifer aniston
[012 - 018] ellen pompeo
[019 - 021] kate walsh
[022 - 028] josh holloway
[029 - 031] emelie de ravin
[032 - 042] evangeline lilly
[043 - 059] t-shirts ('threadless')

+ 6 banner (courteney cox arquette, ellen pompeo, emelie de ravin, evangeline lilly, josh holloway)

+ 9 header (courteney cox arquette, jennifer aniston, friends, ellen pompeo, kate walsh, emelie de ravin, evangeline lilly, josh holloway)

+ 1 wallpaper (josh holloway)

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