June 21st, 2007

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Marie Antoinette 100

Subject: Marie Antoinette from the 2006 movie Marie Antoinette
Batch: #2(47 out of 100)
Themes: Sunshine, Sorrow, Colorful, Rain, Laughter, Misery, Secrets,
Red, Joy, Beautiful, Hope, Fury, Companionship, Trouble In Paradise, My
Drug, flowers and 9 Artist Choice icons.
Additonal Notes: When you click "What to do for pleasure.." it takes
you to my icon community, xlemonkissed. Please hotlink,
Comment, and Credit :)

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Death Note

This is just a preview to show that I'm going back to my old habits: making anime icons. Death Note is currently my favorite anime series, so I'll be making quite a bit from that as well as series like Fruits Basket, Angelic Layer, Air, etc.

I think most of the icons I do are going to be from colorless manga, which means they take a long time to make. You may use these without credit, but you may not claim them as your own; I worked very hard on them.


8 icons and 1 fo banner

If you use anything, you're obligated to credit but required to comment (at least). No hotlinking or I'll write your name in my death note.

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rainie yang
barbie xu
vic zhou
jiro wang
vanness wu
hilary duff
shannen docherty
lee da hae
nagasawa masami
ariel lin
cyndi wang
mike he
ella chen
jiro wang


shannen docherty
barbie xu
rainie yang


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