June 15th, 2007

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Zhaan icons

Farscape is not my fandom, but my friend aruna7 makes beautiful fanvids on the show. Thanks to her and a few other people, I pretty much know the show as well as if I watched it. o.O Anyway. These icons are from two of Aruna's Farscape vids, a Zhaan tribute called Blue Island and Shine One More Moment, which is a lovely Zhaan/Stark vid I must have watched a hundred times.

Roughly 150 icons per post.

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Truckload of graphics

I just finished making these icons, but the wallapers are made a long time ago. Especially "jesse." I think i was a year ago. 

38 Desperate Housewives icons 
02 Desperate Housewives wallpapers
02 One Tree Hill wallpapers
01 Smallville wallpaper 
01 Jesse McCartney wallpaper 


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* Comments and credits if and when using 
* Do not re-color 
* Do not claim you made these 
* You may add text (only text to icons), if you like
max/liz; she's always lookin at me wow

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001-049 One Tree Hill (4x21)
050-065 One Tree Hill (4x17)
066-074 Jennie Garth (BH90210)
075-083 Dylan&Kelly (BH90210)
084-088 Donna&David (BH90210)
089-090 BH90210 cast
091-109 Shiri Appleby (Roswell)
110-126 Michelle Rodriguez (Lost)
127-131 Bethany Joy LENZ (OTH)
132-137 Pacey&Joey (Dawson's Creek)
138-144 Michel Brown/Franco&Sarita (Pasion de Gavilanes)
145-152 Manchester United
153-167 What I like about you?

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Sun: How's your book? // Sawyer: Predictable...not nearly enough sex.