June 7th, 2007

calleigh duquesne

CSIM + CSINY + everwood + lost

[x-posted] like CRAZY. sorry if it bothers you.

104 icons total...

_24 csi miami (calleigh, ryan, ryan/calleigh, jon togo, eric, eric/natalia/ryan, natalia, eric/natalia, horatio, something that could be interpreted as ryan/valera, ryan & eric) + variations
_4 header-sized csi miami graphics (ryan/calleigh) + variations
_11 csi ny (stella, lindsay, mac/stella, flack, danny, flack & hawkes, mac) + 1 variation
_8 everwood (greg/emily, ephram/amy) + variations
_15 lost (charlie/claire, charlie, boone, claire, paulo) + variations

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still plugging: in too deep, my CSIM fanfic, which DONE now! DONE! *does happy dance*