June 1st, 2007


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30 Icons
[6] Audrey Hepburn (War and Peace)
[6] Grace Kelly
[6] Gone With the Wind
[6] Pirates of the Caribbean
[6] Chicago (2002 movie) 

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Ares icons

lhinneill's recent Xena icon posts on dreamerland have reminded me how much I used to love Hercules and Xena...erm. Okay. Total honesty here. How much I loved Ares: God of War.

There are icons here from every episode of Herc/Xena featuring Kevin Smith as Ares. I broke them up into 9 posts of about 160 icons apiece in an attempt to make it a little more dialup friendly. Made a link table because I don't want to spend the next nine days posting Ares icons to various comms.

*As always, these can be used as bases. If you snag from more than one post and just want to comment at the table, that's totally fine.

*Warning:Mild I guess possibly objectionable sexual content in posts 6-9

Icon count: 1200 +
Total Posts: 9
Icons Per Post: Approx 160

Link table here at my journal

X-posted all over, sorry to those who see them more than once.