May 21st, 2007

BARS 4some personalized by blondebitz

Bones, BTVS, James Marsters Icons (Mixed Batch)

Brennan softer side BA maybe we shouldn't JM gets slash

WARNINGS: MAJOR spoilers for Season 2 of Bones up to and including the Season Finale! Don't look if you don't want to be spoiled--a lot--for what happens with the characters! Mature audience profanity on one icon.

1. No hotlinking, please. Save them to your hard drive, and then upload them to your userpics.
2. Please credit "(icon name) by dfasgbai" in keywords (e.g., JM Gets Slash by dfasgbai). Please also put (lj user="dfasgbai") in the comments field of the userpic (with opening and closing carrots where the parentheses are).
3. If you snag my icons, please comment. I'm new at a lot of the techniques I use for the icons I make, so it would really help me to know how I'm doing. Just try to say something constructive if it's negative, please. Thanks!
4. Please do not share these icons anywhere other than LiveJournal without my exclusive permission. Thank you.
5. If you see these shared where they are not credited properly, please let me know. (If it's someone who says, "If anyone knows who made this, please let me know so I can give them proper credit," just tell them, please. They're asking you to help them credit me, and that's great.)

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HP - Trio.end

Icon dump @ dreamerland!

It's been a while since I made a ton of icons like this. ^_^ I was PLANNING to do like 10 icons each for a whole bunch of fandoms...but I got carried away. Heh. There's 104 icons in all here, so it's not the most dial-up friendly post I've ever made. ;)

[8] Heroes
[23] Xena
[21] Hercules
[18] Star Wars
[34] Stargate SG-1


See them all HERE @ dreamerland.