May 7th, 2007

johnny deep

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Rather larger icon post, not dial-up user friendly

Icons + Banners
Emma Watson (x20)
Rupert Grint (x21)
Daniel Radcliffe (x20)
Katie Leung (x4)
Bonnie Wright (x4)
Clemence Poesy (x7)
Evanna Lynch (x1)
Gary Oldman (x1)
James and Oliver Phelps (x3)
Keria Knightley (x20)
Orlando Bloom (x24)
Johnny Depp (x21)
POTC 3 (x20)


More here @ x_vibrant

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I went a bit overboard with the HYD 2 icons ^_^()

My Boss My Hero [1-18]
Hana Yori Dango 2 (including quotes) [19-49]
Jun Matsumoto [50-60]
Slayers Next [61-69]
Takeshi Kaneshiro [70-79]
School Rumble [80-90]



( Pudding is the best! )