April 28th, 2007

Loki up close

29 total Stargate/Atlantis icons plus wallpapers, banners and headers

Comment/Credit if you take please and thank you :)
Resources on my user info page
Blanks aren't bases
The wallpapers can be used for whatever you wish

3 John/Teyla Wallpapers
2 John/Teyla Headers
8 John/Teyla icons
2 Sam/Cam Wallpapers
2 Sam/Cam Headers
2 Sam/Cam banners
1 Sam/Cam FO only banner
3 Star Wars Wallpapers (2 obidala, 1 Padme)
1 Star Wars Obidala header
21 Various stargate/atlantis icons from challenges


we'll learn a thing or two

enjoy :)

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+09 300 animated icons
here @ phaust_icons</lj>


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