April 17th, 2007

Birthday Eve

110 Various Icons

Can't you just smell the multifandom?

*inhales deeply*

[020] Potter Puppet Pals
[010] Leah Dizon
[025] Tomohisa Yamashita
[015] Ai Otsuka
[020] Beyoncé
[020] Ciara
=110 ICONS

Annnd...that's all you get until you follow the cut.

[ It's a PIPE BOMB! ]

+ Comments are nice, even if you ain't taking anything. But be nice--I'm still a n00b. :]
+ Credit me when using, please! Taking someone's icons and not crediting them is just. plain. RUDE.
+ Friending is even nicer. ^_^
+ DO NOT USE THESE ON MYSPACE O >_< O Damn thieves will say THEY made them.
+ Do not claim as yours. Do not hotlink. Those things make the little man in my head REALLY upset.
+ Textless icons are NOT bases dammit.
freddie &amp; sam: nyeahhhh...

more CSIM... variations like WHOA... and a wallpaper


_119 csi miami...

1 alexx
1 yelina
21 ryan/calleigh (+ many, MANY variations)
7 ryan (+ many variations)
5 calleigh (+ many variations)
1 eric (+ variations)
7 jon & emily from HL photoshoot (+ many variations)

...and a CSIM wallpaper.

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plugging: so not zen!, the mighty podcast.

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[5]Gaspard Ulliel (+1 banner)
[3]Zooey Deschanel
[5]Fashion (+1 banner)
[3]Nicole Richie
[2]Kirsten Dunst
[2]Kylie Minogue
[1]Pussycat Dolls
[7]Rachel Bilson
[4]Mischa Barton
[3]Sienna Miller (+1 banner)
[1]Kristen Bell

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