April 12th, 2007

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Demetri Martin

My fandom here is Demetri Martin :)

I think Demetri Martin is pretty great. So I made some icons of quotes from his standup comedy. :)

I picked quotes that I think could be funny even taken out of context, so you may enjoy these even if you haven't heard of him or heard his comedy. 21 icons total.

06. 12. 21.


icons, banners, headers & wallpapers

[001 - 004] brad pitt
[005 - 043] friends (season 8, tow phoebe's wedding)
[044 - 077] grey's anatomy (losing my religion)
[078 - 082] patrick dempsey
[083 - 130] lost
[131 - 145] the oc (the third wheel)

+ 7 banners (friends, lost)
+ 2 headers (friends, josh holloway)
+ 2 wallpaper (grey's anatomy, lost)

preview preview preview

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I finally got to episode 6 of HYD2! Yay! So please, no spoilers! Thanks! :D Anyhoo, onto the icons!

Hana Yori Dango 2 [1-17]
GTO [18-32]
Ranma 1/2 OAV [33-49]
Formerly Known As The Justice League [50-63]
Honey & Clover [64-70]
One Piece [71-78]
Fruits Basket [79-88]



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DW - World lights up (Rose)

Doctor Who icons (plus other goodies)!!

I have been a naughty busy girl...  At my icon journal you will find:

-- 6 Wallpapers (well, it's really two different wallpapers with variations)
-- 6 Headers (again, with variations)
-- 8 Friends Only Banners (with...well, you get the picture)
-- 31 Icons that will match just about everything above (6 animated)  

All of which were taken from the last scene of Doctor Who 2x00 "The Christmas Invasion"!


You can find everything here at my icon journal, brilliantlunacy.

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New layout @ leavingxnormal and multifandom post.

001-027 One Tree Hill Charity Basketball Game
028-040 Gilmore Girls
041-049 Heroes
050-058 The OC 'Pilot'
059-066 Roswell
067-072 LOST [Hooligans]
073-080 The Lake House
081-094 Dawson's Creek [Joey/Pacey]
095-104 Hilarie Burton
105-150 LOST 3x16 "One of Us"

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+Feel free to join the community, if you like what you see ;)
+I'm taking requests there ;)

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