March 29th, 2007

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Harry Potter Cover Art bases

when i saw that the deathly hallows cover art had been released, i just knew i wanted to make bases of it!!! but then that led to bases of all the covers of the harry potter books which also led to some chapter art images. boy are you guys lucky!!! *grin*

Subject: Harry Potter Cover Art and various chapter art images as well (YES THIS INCLUDES BOOK 7 COVERS)
70 bases below


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Oh, old-time Hollywood stars. When women were beautiful women and men were charming men. I plan on making a lot of Golden Age of Hollywood icons...

17 Marlon Brando icons to start us off! 


The rest are available at pensieve_icons!
btvs // bangel kick

Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix bases

hires images of OotP has been released! and i wanted to immediately make bases of them, so this will be part 2 of my ootp bases. there might be a third or fourth depending on whats been released...

oh and one more thing...when did ginny get to be so hot!? DAMN! maybe its just a good picture but SHEESH! i thought she had another year or so to go before she "blossomed" for lack of a better word. she was always a pretty girl but its evolved now. ah but hermione (emma) still is the best looking girl in the movies!

Movie: Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix (5)
Character(s): Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna, Lucius, and a few others...
50 bases below


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