March 13th, 2007

Shane - *cough*

29 multi-fandom icons...

I'm a lurker coming out of lurking. I don't post icons that often, but figured I'd share these. Possible spoilers for s04 of "The L Word."

+12 various -mostly George-  "Dead Like Me" (s01)
+10 various "The L Word" (s04)
+3 Kate Moennig from the Our Lady Peace "Is Anybody Home" video
+4 Lisa Edelstein

+Comments are love.
+Credit is expected.
+textless icons are NOT bases.
+upload it to your OWN server. Hot-linkers deserve The Clap.


The rest are over n'yah at my LJ...

51 Icons from The Black Donnellys (1.02)

51 new icons to match the 70+ from last time. The procedure on these are the same - to view all of the icons, just pop over to my gallery and search The Black Donnellys or the character/actor(ress) name of your choosing. At the moment, they're all right up at the top so finding them is pretty easy. Oh, you an also search by episode number but, be careful - I cover a lot of TV shows, so to find a specific episode, it's best to search the whole show title (i.e., 1.02 - A Stone of the Heart rather than 1.02)