February 11th, 2007

40 Christina Aguilera Icons // Back To Basics Photoshoot

I was searching for some Christina Aguilera's photoshoot pictures and gosh every single one of em' were amazing. The 'Back To Basics' photoshoot was by far the best photoshoot for an album I have ever seen. So I decided to indulge myself in some iconage. And voila! Look 40 icons in total. Pretty amazing eh?

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Have mercy on my soul for I have walked a sinful road
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001-001 Mandy/Lauren (Because I Said So Premiere)
002-003 Dawson/Joey
004-004 Dillion/Georgie
005-008 Friday Night Lights
009-010 Matthew Davis/Sarah Lancaster
011-077 Smallville/Cast
078-079 Supernatural/Cast
080-090 One Tree Hill
091-098 Lost/Cast
092-102 Grey's/Cast

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Icons: Clone High

 Clone High

12. 13. 14.

26 Icons )

Want? Take! Just please comment & credit.

Also, I'm looking for someone to animate a few icons for me or a good program for animating that's free for my own use.

35 Lost Icons+ 1 Header // Season 3 Promo Stills

Well I was contemplating on my iconage skills. I kept getting rejected for those elite communities. They said my coloring was off. So I thought well I have to practice and improve to get on par with the rest. So I hope you guys like this. Furthermore, my previous Lost batch was quite a disaster I thought. Enjoy!

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It's season three and we're still lost
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[38] Winter Stock
[39] Multi-fandom
[03] CSI | [11] Angel | [08] Bones | [08] House MD | [09] X-Files

Special thanks to gypsygem81 and trilliane. See under the cut for why.

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