February 4th, 2007

89 Multi-Fandom Icons

Behind The Cut:
{29} One Tree Hill Season 4 (Episodes 4x11&412 and Spoiler pics)
{28} Grey's Anatomy (Wishin' and Hopin')
{9} GA Appearances/Other
{12} Studio 60
{11} Bethany Joy SIMP Video

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15x Skins

These are all from Channel 4's new drama series Skins, which centres around a group of British teens who booze, abuse drugs and generally struggle with teenage issues (eating disorders, virginity, parental pressure). It stars a now-grown up Nicholas Hoult from About a Boy, for those of you who recognise him. Hopefully as the show takes off, there will be more icons, as they are all very pretty :D Normal rules apply: comment, credit, no hotlinking and no altering!


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150 Icons, 7 UserInfo Banner and 2 Headers
66 Veronica Mars Icons
8 Pulse Icons
12 Kristen Bell Icons
23 Heroes Icons
9 Rose McGowan Icons
7 Disney’s World’s Year of a Million Dreams Icons
21 Scarlett Johansson Icons
8 Stock Icons

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Made some icons over the past couple days. I was expirementing with different styles, so don't mind the fact that alot of them are different styles.

+4 Jason Dohring and Ryan Hansen
+10 Kristen Bell
+21 Veronica Mars

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-credit if used, pretty please.


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149 Icons from Godfather I

I got very excitable today and started making icons from The Godfather - the next thing you know, I'd made 149 and finished the first film :)

Because there are so many, they're a bit poorly categoriezed and I can't link you to all of them directly but if you notice, my gallery supports a great search feature (upper lefthand corner.) Just type either the actors name if you want to search by actor or you can type "The Godfather" and you'll get the whole list of them :)

The Godfather Icon Gallery (149 Icons)

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