January 11th, 2007

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HP&GoF + saint seiya

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possible spoilers for the saint seiya hades saga.

_21 HP&GoF & actors (h/hr, r/hr, hermione, vicky, cho, fleur, seamus, rupert, dan/emma, robert, clemence, trio, emma, ginny, ron, harry, ron & harry)
_10 saint seiya (kanon, ikki, shion, dohko, shiryu, thor, hagen, sigfried, hyouga, seiya)

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Harry Potter: OotP Icons

Comments are ALWAYS appreciated, and required if you're taking icons (I like to hear it when my icons are finding happy homes). Credit is also appreciated, but not necessry. As long as you don't say you made them I'm happy. Enjoy!

+44 Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix



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Angelina - call me Vixx

Massive bases/textless icons post

Here are a variety of different images, all pictures from various google searches.
Please comment and credit if taking any,
Hotlinking is, as we all know, the devil!
These could be used as either bases or textless icons, so feel free to use them as they are or customise to your heart's desire :)

If you would rather view each topic separately (easier for dial up users), pop over to my icon journal vixx_graphics where they are all posted separately.

54 Travis Fimmel
30 Stephanie Romanov
42 Christian Bale
32 James Marsters
33 Gerard Way
53 Nebula

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