September 4th, 2005


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I'd like all the very talented people here to know about a wonderful comm. fandom_charity please check it out. As we all know every little bit helps.

To make this post legal, so I don't have to delete my own post, here are my icons. Take, Comment, Enjoy.

Friendly Hostility

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Comic Drawn by K Sandra Fuhr

Colored for icon use by gwyntastic

I'd like to remind everyone to look at the rules please. I've had to delete at least 3 posts a day. I'm going to start cracking down on posts that have more then 3 preview icons. If it keeps up I might have to do something I don't want to do, is to make all post moderated.
Tom Baker
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I'm making icons in exchange for donantions to Katrina relief funds. I will make any non-animated icon of your choosing. You provide the pic, words, colors, etc....
Six Feet Under
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Samples and instructions here.
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