July 31st, 2005

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First post, first icons...

I've made a few icons and decided to post them for the good of the world. So rules, Don't hotlink, and credit when used. Comments on how amazing I am are nice *cough* but not necessary. Textless icons are NOT bases, so please don't go editing them.

So, icons.

[6] Total (I'm amazing, I know)
[x]2 Song Lyric
[x]4 Queer as Folk (Brian/Justin)

1. 2.

( Follow the amazing fake cut )
merlin:: Emrys


so i got distracted again and these are the results :) icons [R/L and random] as well as some caps [with captions] of interviews from Series V. just some random caps where i really liked the quotes =D

icons at my journal (here)


1Image hosted by Photobucket.com

1st cap post at my journal (here)

2nd cap post at my journal (here)
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